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09. 06. 2008
Reprezentative Baltic States

ALU-S.V.,s.r.o. has been working with Baltic countries since 2003. During these years we supported our customers directly from Prague. Due to growth of our clients and interest in our product we had to make solution how to serve them better.

The decision was to introduce representative for Baltic states, person who could be closer to the customer. Starting spring the year 2007 we came up with a person responsible for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The representative is Vaidotas Vyšniauskas, located in Panevėžys, Lithuania.



Representative for Baltic States

ALU-S.V., s.r.o.

tel/fax     +370 – 45 439 222

gsm:      +370 – 65 555 077

e-mail:  vaidotas.vysniauskas@alu-sv.lt



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