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About us

The ALU-S.V. GROUP was created in 2003 through uniting three separate companies, specifically the ALU - S.V. enterprises located in Prague (est. 1993), Žilina (est. 1996), and Wroclaw (est. 2002).

The first of the enterprises listed above – ALU - S.V., s.r.o. – was established as a limited liability company in Prague in 1993. After the division of Czechoslovakia, an independent company was established in Žilina, Slovak Republic in 1996, which continued to cooperate closely with the Prague-based enterprise. The youngest of the trio was opened in Wroclaw in 2002 and started operating on the Polish market that same year.

ALU - S.V. GROUP offers services and deliveries related to accessories for cargo truck superstructures in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, and Poland. On the Czech and Slovak markets, it also offers the ALUCOBOND façade sheeting.

Accessories for cargo truck superstructures

Within out product offering, you’ll find a wide variety of products for manufacturing and constructing extensions for cargo trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers. Within the framework of the ALU - S.V. GROUP, we work in cooperation with more than seventy suppliers throughout all of Europe as well as within our Group. Speedy and reliable deliveries directly to our customers’ sites are a certainty.

All of our companies have their own storage and production areas where goods are manufactured and expedited.

Our warehouses are equipped with elevated racking systems, stackers, trimming saws, aluminum welding tools, and other equipment required for preparing, producing, and packaging goods in a manner that ensures our services are provided at the highest technical level possible.

We will gladly deliver materials to your company’s doorstep. Our salespeople are more than happy to visit you and introduce our current product offering. All consultations and technical solutions are provided at the customer’s site or at our drafting and design office.

ALUCOBOND Façade Sheeting

ALUCOBOND is façade sheeting that is specially designed for pre-hung insulated and ventilated façades. We deliver it to the Czech and Slovak markets as representatives for the manufacturer – 3A Composites GmbH.

We offer investors, architects, general contractors, and designers the requisite supporting technical and business documents and materials, including consultations in relation to individual projects. In addition to ensuring the delivery of materials, we also offer training, specifically in the areas of planning and implementation, for employees of companies that are in the business of delivering façade sheeting.

At the current time, the warehouse and production area in Prague, where our goods are produced and expedited, measures approximately 1600 square meters

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive solution that is of the best quality and at the highest technical level possible. We have strengthened our sales and construction division in order to allow us to cooperate with our business partners and continue to expand new, updated technical solutions that meet current development trends at the European level.


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