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New products

24. 03. 2022
Universal reinforcement for ALUGRIP pillars

We replace the middle corners for aluminum frames 70 and 90 mm with the universal reinforcement 62AM00S000. The reinforcement profile can also be used to strengthen the frame profile, when ins…

10. 05. 2021
Frame safety profiles

Dear customers, we offer you a brief overview of profiles designed for dropside protection and tarpaulin tensioning.

14. 04. 2021

Dear customers we are adding new line of mudguards designed for tractors and construction machinery to our portfolio.

10. 02. 2021
New parts of the Airline system

Dear customers, we bring you new parts of the Airline cargo securing systém.

14. 06. 2016
Lifting roof for CS Mini

Our solution allows to lower construction up to 300mm. Lifting hight it is possible to addapt according to the client needs: 50, 150, 200, 250 or 300mm. Also it is possible to to use only one …

06. 12. 2015
Aluminum rear portal AL/ECO

We would like to offer lighter version of rear portal AL/ECO

06. 12. 2015
New floor profiles

In our e-shop you will find new floor profiles for tow trucks.

New floor profiles

29. 11. 2014
Toolboxes for trailers

Dear customers, we would like to offer new type of toolboxes.

29. 11. 2014
Open body with fastening elements

Aluminium open body with components supplied bu Alu-S.V.

Open body with fastening elements

29. 11. 2014

Light aluminum box with rollets on both sides.

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