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24. 03. 2022
Universal reinforcement for ALUGRIP pillars

We replace the middle corners for aluminum frames 70 and 90 mm with the universal reinforcement 62AM00S000. The reinforcement profile can also be used to strengthen the frame profile, when installing a hydraulic platform.

Use of the reinforcement profile as a reinforcement of the rear frame profile       Use of the profile as a universal reinforcement

Catalogue No. Name

Screwthread plate M8 AL for 62AM00S000

Catalogue No. Name

Alugrip 60/80 middle reinforcement

Mounting the plate with the notch facing up for the socket
ALUGRIP 60 (6298K00005)

Mounting the plate with the notch down for socket 
ALUGRIP 80 (6298K00009)



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